Best Woodworking Logo Design Ideas to Inspire You in 2022

From handmade furniture to finely crafted cabinets and coffee tables, woodworkers put a lot of effort and creativity into their woodworking projects. If you own a woodworking business, it’s only natural that you would want your company’s logo to reflect the same creativity, precision, and craftsmanship you put into your projects.

In this article, we take a look at some of the best woodworking logo ideas and inspire you to create a logo that is as artistic as the pieces you create.

Best Woodworking Logo Designs Ideas

For new businesses, a unique and attractive logo is what sets them apart from their competition and establishes a unique brand identity in their niche. This is exactly why you need a well-designed and modern woodworking logo for your business.

Let’s explore some of the best woodworking logo ideas to help you grab attention, make a strong first impression, and distinguish you from the competition.

Retro Woodworking Logo Designs Ideas

Retro Woodworking Logo Designs Ideas

As a profession that has been around for so long, a vintage or retro logo for a woodworking business is the perfect fit. Skills such as carpentry and wood crafting are considered the expertise that requires years of experience to master.

A woodworking logo design with a retro vibe will not only help build a sense of trust and tradition with your customers but also give your business an overall established look. This is why a woodworking logo with vintage images and icons could be the perfect picture to represent your craft. Here are some of the best retro woodworking logo designs found in the industry today.

1. Scotsman

With the colors of the American flag and a simple yet clean and sophisticated wordmark, the Scotsman logo is the perfect example of less is more. With its classic font and color combinations, this logo gives the brand a unique, retro appearance.

Scotsman Wood Working Logo Design

2. J.L Woodworking

This Canadian woodworking company decided to go for a completely antique look for its logo. With several elements that make this logo unique, it is the perfect representation of a vintage aura. The loopy script for the company’s initials paired with the vintage font and an image of an old-school wood planer, all work together harmoniously in this beautiful logo.

J.L Woodworking Logo Design Ideas

3. Appleyard Furniture

While this logo may look simple, it is far from being plain. Several elements of this logo allow the design to stand out and make a favourable impression. The manual woodworking tools and the logo’s shape give it its true rustic charm. And when combined with the monochromatic design, the logo has a very attractive classic appearance.

Appleyard Furniture Logo Design

4. Modern Woodworking Logo Designs Ideas

For businesses that want their brand to exude a fresh contemporary air, a stylish modern woodworking logo design is the way to go. These slick logos take into account the latest trends and ideas and show that the company they symbolize is up to date with the newest fashion trends in the woodworking industry.

Here are some of the most aesthetic modern woodworking logo designs.

1. Wertz’s Works of Wood

The logo for Wertz’s Works of Wood manages to combine both elegance and style. It consists of a simple wood texture above the company’s name in a modern yet simple font.

Wertz’s Works of Wood

2. Allied Woodshop

Modern logos are all about simplistic clean designs like this one. With a minimalistic monochromatic design and clean lines, this logo radiates a modern high-end vibe. Just by looking at their logo, customers can expect to see contemporary and innovative furniture at their store.

Allied Woodshop

3. Shaun Boyd Made This

Just like its name, this company’s logo is unlike any other woodworking company we have seen. With just four patterns of lines, this modern woodworking logo is able to achieve simplicity combined with elegance. The colors of the lines complement each other and come together as a perfect whole.

Shaun Boyd Made This

Woodworking Logos with Carpentry Tools

Woodworking Logos with Carpentry Tools

One of the most popular elements seen in woodworking logos today is the use of carpentry tools. Different sets of tools are added to different logos depending on the specific niche of the brand.

If a woodworking company specializes in hand-carved products, it is likely that they’ll use hammers, saws, mallets, and chisels to portray their expertise. If a brand specializes in building simple furniture, on the other hand, they can add tools such as planers and table saw blades to reflect that theme.

Here are a few woodworking logo ideas that incorporate carpentry tools into their emblem.

1. Montgomery Woodrights

Just by looking at this logo, you can tell that there is a lot going on. However, every element of the logo comes together to make a strong impact altogether. The mallet and the chisel, along with the small image of the tree, perfectly illustrate what this company does best.

Montgomery Woodrights

2. Schitz Custom Carpentry

Since hammers are a woodworker’s best friend, this one-of-a-kind logo showcases two hammers over a hexagonal textured background to portray their craft. Overall, the crisp layout of the logo also means that it is perfect for adding to a business card as well.

Schitz Custom Carpentry

Woodworking Logos with Wooden Products

If you want the art that you create to be the highlight of your logo, then you should consider adding a wooden product to it. With the right design elements and imagery, you can present your skills and expertise with ease while also keeping it simple and elegant.

Looking for some woodworking logo ideas that employ images of their wooden products? Here you go!

1. Connor Chairs

This simple woodworking logo design is the perfect example of showcasing the physical product you create on your logo. No extra lines or patterns, just a simple wooden chair that is guaranteed to last for years to come.

Connor Chairs

2. Birch and Bush

When you think of woodworking logo ideas with wooden products, you’d expect to see common articles of furniture such as chairs, tables, and cabinets. However, with this sophisticated design, the company manages to portray the specific type of carpentry they excel at: wooden bowls.

Birch and Bush Logo Design

Playful Woodworking Logos

Some businesses opt for a fun logo to symbolize their brand. If you’re one of them, here are some fun woodworking logo ideas to inspire you.

1. Foxwalk Sawmill

This company’s logo uses imagery in the most whimsical way to represent its brand characteristics. The logo uses a round woodcutter for the frame with a fox inside. If the name of your woodworking company also has an animal in it, then this type of logo will serve as a great template.

Foxwalk Sawmill Logo Design

2. Blackjack Woodworks & Design Co.

You won’t find a more fun and visually appealing logo out there than this one. This cool and attractive logo is bursting with colors and skilfully employs different images to represent the traditional profession of woodworking.

Blackjack Woodworks & Design Co.

What Will Your Logo Look Like?

Now that we have checked out some popular woodworking logo ideas and the different types of aesthetics they embody, you can start looking for ways you can make them your own. You want your logo to highlight your brand’s unique dynamics in such a way that your customers instinctively know this is your company’s logo wherever they see it.

You can create your own woodworking logo using an online logo maker or you can choose to employ the services of a professional logo designer to create your logo. Either way, you want an end product that fits your brand’s image best.

Similar to how you hand-pick the materials you need to create your products, you’ll have to pick the elements that tell your company’s story and make your brand more memorable. With an extensive range of woodworking logo ideas at One Design Pro, you are spoilt for choice.

We offer professional and affordable logo and branding solutions that harmonize both aesthetics and functionality and define your brand’s look and feel.